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My Hands Your Heart, LLC is the vision of P Lanette Pinkard. She was given the passion and purpose of reinvesting in the world around her, especially in the Deaf Community. Starting with just a vision in 2006, Lanette embarked on a journey to bring unity to members of the Deaf Community, the interpreting community, and bring a greater understanding and appreciation of deafness in the hearing community.

While this was assuredly not a task for the faint at heart, Lanette was given an unbridled passion to accomplish this task. Starting out by providing sign language interpreting, MHYH began to branch out in areas such as the creation and implementation of the Hands-On Internship Program (H.O.I.P.) It is a program by which Interpreter Training Program (ITP) students can gain much needed hands on evaluation and practice in the profession of interpreting. A variety of workshops have since been sponsored by MHYH, along with companies continuing work in providing sign language interpreting for events as Race For The Cure and the NAACP Annual Freedom Fund Dinner. In addition to these areas of operation, MHYH began a Community Sign Language Class by which people who wanted to learn the art of signing but didn’t want to earn a degree could do just that. MHYH has also taken an active role in becoming a place of mentorship for aspiring and seasoned interpreters.

There is much more on the horizon for MHYH as proven by the continued accolades and acknowledgements from members of the Deaf and Hearing Community, being reached out by other states regarding the HOIP program, the growing members of the interpreting profession who come to MHYH for membership but most of all y the unity that is continually displayed by leadership and staff of a growing and productive company. MHYH is setting out to make the world a better place and seeing what it has accomplished in the short amount of time it has been in existence, a better world is certainly what can be expected.

Students can join the HOIP program by going to www.myhandsyourheartllc.com

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