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Overcoming Barriers of Low Self-Esteem (Speaker)

“P Lanette I cannot begin to choose a favorite memory. Your ability to love, your help? Seeing God at work through you? Watching God at work when barriers went down? Your ministry is what I loved.”

Joye Briggs

D.Y.N.O.M.I.T.E. Conference Host

A Myriad of Miracles (Book)

“Anytime someone reminds us to get back on track, pray, wake up or simply recall an important lesson, experience or memory, it is vital to our CHRISTIAN WALK!

Revelations 12:11 says “And they have overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.”

Knowing that others are walking by faith, talking to God, hearing from God in the little things reassures us that we are not crazy and don’t have to live in uncertainty.

We are His and He does communicate with us and wants to commune with us daily. He cares about the little things and is to be praised for all things and in all things. I thank Lanette for sharing her book “A Myriad of Miracles” and I hope more Christians will share their experiences after reading this book.”

Toni Fitzgerald


“Lanette has directed me with so much powerful Godly counseling that I believe there would be a lot of marriages still intact if they had her in their life.”

Jane Hinton

Lanette has been a pillar in the interpreting and Deaf communities in Michigan for decades and will continue to be just that!”

Shonna Magee Hudson

“She has faced dilemmas that would have surely had me packing up and heading for the door, but she stayed, prayed, and allowed the powerful Holy Spirit of GOD to permeate within her and throughout her every fiber of being… She has been required to demonstrate love through longsuffering, faith in the face of fear, hope when things seem hopeless, determination when destitute, grace when gridlocked, and mercy to the undeserving. She has been faithful to shine the light of CHRIST even through her tears and pain”

Cymantha Jewel White, B.S., M.S.
Executive Director/Conference Host
D.Y.N.O.M.I.T.E. Conference