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The Speaker

P Lanette Pinkard is a speaker who engages her audience by bringing impactful truths and practical application of wisdom to overcome challenges and barriers in life. She takes an open, honest, and comical approach to dealing with situations that can start as stumbling blocks, but end up as stepping stones that lift you up towards your purpose and destiny!

To request P Lanette Pinkard for speaking engagements send an email to: lanettep@myhandsyourheart.com

The Author

P Lanette Pinkard first started writing in the fourth grade when given an assignment to write a poem about Martin Luther King, Jr. and bring it to class the next day. She was the only one in the class to complete the assignment which causes some ill feelings from her classmates. However, she quickly overcame that and was inspired when weeks later she was recognized and won a ribbon for her poem. She has been writing ever since!

Ms. Lanette’s greatest joy of writing stems from her upbringing as a child of Deaf adults (CODA), her deep love and devotion to the LORD, her first language as sign-language. It’s the art of expression! She found through writing, she can get a release in her emotions, struggles, failures and successes. Through writing she can discover who she is (and who she is not) and has learned there is always something to share to encourage another. As a writer, she has the joy of sharing, relating and inspiring…again and again!

Her upcoming Titles include:

“Married Out of Obedience” I (written with her husband T. N. Pinkard) (subtitled) “A marriage we never wanted, A love we never had, And GOD Who gave us both”


“A Myriad of Miracles”

“When the Promise Looks Like its’ Dead”

“1000 Praises of Thanksgiving to Lift Your Spirit”

“Finally Free! I Love Me!

The Sign-language Interpreter

P Lanette Pinkard known as (Momma Nette, or Ms. Lanette), feels she is most privileged to have been raised by her loving grandparents who were deaf. In the 70’s, Emroy V. Clay and Marion E. Boyd were the president and vice-president of the only African-American Deaf Club, “The Detroit Silent Club” and was a strong role model for many of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Deaf-blind members who hung out at her house all the time.

Growing up in an all deaf environment, watching her grandmother give countless of hours for the Deaf Community as a mentor, counselor, a spiritual mom and a friend truly shaped the way she relates to people, events, struggles and vision. Ms. Clay, her grandmother had a heart of gold and was the only Deaf recipient of the “Heart of Gold” reward from the city of Detroit’s Mayor Coleman Young for her volunteer work in the community. Her grandfather, Marion E. Boyd was a Deaf champion boxer in the 50’s and a great provider for our family. He has a heart of limitless giving for his family.

In her upbringing Ms. Lanette remembers how her grandparents were treated prior to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and seeing them prevail in spite of it, embedded a determination in her to be the best she can be, never forget where she came from and always do what she can to help others along the way to succeed and pass it on.